Thursday, July 12, 2018


The companion animal facility previously maintained by Veterinary Health Source, LLC has recently merged with Agri Research Center, Inc.

Audie Waite, co-owner and VP of Operations at Agri Research Center, Inc and David T. Bechtol, DVM co-owner and President of Agri Research Center, Inc continues as management.

The companion animal facility, ARC-Companion Animal, LLC , has had 4 years experience of canine and feline research including fleas, ticks and product development along with Agri Research Center, Inc forty years experience.

Therefore, Agri Research Center, Inc along with ARC-Copmanion Animal, LLC has capabilities and experience in providing bovine, equine, dairy calf ranches, canine and feline research services.

Contact Information

David T. Bechtol, DVM
806-499-3392 office
806-681-8321 mobile

Audie Waiter, BS
806-499-3392 office
806-236-6910 mobile